About us

Creighton Gun Stands by Creighton Enterprises

Creighton Enterprises began manufacturing pistol stands in the year 2000. The founder and owner, Tom Creighton, originally designed the stands for his own use. After interest sparked from family and friends, Tom took his creation to local gun shows and other local markets located in his home state of Washington where his stands quickly became popular due to their longevity, obvious quality, and well-thought-out, distinctive design.

Tom’s values center on the needs of his customers and their unique gun collections. His high standards mean that every Creighton gun stand is painstakingly crafted in his shop to maintain consistency in each design. After 15 years of manufacturing and over 15,000 gun stands sold, there have yet to be any complaints or returns. Every customer has been extremely happy with each of his/her gun stands. It is with pride and pleasure that Creighton Enterprises now makes this unique product available to a broader market of gun owners and enthusiasts alike.


Tom’s background, knowledge and practical use of firearms is well above the norm. He purchased his first pistol as a young man and later enlisted in the Coast Guard. He participated in shooting competitions all over the United States and Canada, even earning honors as All Service champion. Later, he would be assigned as a small arms instructor for over 10 years at Fort Lewis. While stationed in Alaska and Washington State, he worked with local law enforcement in many aspects. Tom is also a hunter and has gone big game hunting all over North America and South Africa. In short, he knows guns because he lives the lifestyle. Own a piece of that legacy and buy one of your own personal Creighton Gun Stands today.